Maisie From Newington's Big Festival Adventure: Day Five

High Street - Morning

This place and West Parliament Square became a regular chaining location from day five until I crashed my bike on day seven. When I was describing my project to a friend they asked what I would do when I chained my bicycle in the same place on a different day. I replied that I was not sure. So I tried not taking any pictures on day six or seven because I did not park my bicycle anywhere new. However given that this project's aim is to be as boring as possible perhaps I should be taking a photograph every time even if it is in exactly the same spot. I do not know if I can handle being that boring! However, it is more in keeping with the project to take the picture wherever it is even if I take a picture in the same place five or six times. Because that IS boring. And that is the aim of the project. So, this is what I must attempt to do.

Moncrieff Terrace - Evening

It is so hard to try to make these pictures really really uninteresting! I am telling you, the temptation to crop or to add a different angle is so strong!!!

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