Life Drawing: Unfinished and Sketchy!


... from life drawing class. I do love my naked people!! Here we had to try and visualise and be aware of the underlying bone structure in the body while drawing... I had to think hard and mostly could only really visualise the ribcage and a bit of the spine. It would be good to have a skeleton in the same position as the model, and work on a kind of over/underlay of both the skeleton and the model.


Then, I had a wee pop at the technique my other classmates practised last week but I missed.. these anti-shadow rubber drawings. The tutor showed us this amazing dark drawing by Matisse from a book as inspiration. I had a look online but I couldn't find it. So...! You just have to look at MINE! I'm going to make a little more work on it and then play and make more pictures in this technique.

Watch this space...

& Coming Up

Hopefully if my scanner that I ordered EVER arrives then I can begin to document in this blog my little Lent project. It is basically only; a drawing made in half an hour every day for lent. Very ordinary objects in my A5 sketchbook and using whatever materials come to hand - mostly pens probably. Haha.

Bye-bye for now faithful blog-followers ;)

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