Illustration: Golden Oldies

.. some ancient work from 2008/2009 that I thought could get a wee airing. I'm quite pleased with how far I seem to have come art-work-wise in the past couple of years.

At the moment I'm looking at transforming the 'Green Eye of The Little Yellow God' (a project initially flagged as a book) into an animation. And it looks like a lot of work...! I have the basics of the 'look' but I need to re-think and re-do even the artwork I've already done. I'm also hopefully continuing the life-drawing classes and teaching myself web design so I can re-do my little website and make it super-fantastic.

So, first up from the catacombs.

Randomly enough- the design that I made for the Anorak competition a year and a half-ago, differently coloured and differently worded too. I like it because its colourful and I did it in coloured PENS and coloured Pens are FUN.

Twinkle twinkle little star

We designed these cards, see.. and I made mine fit in with well-known song lyrics... this is twinkle twinkle little star and pure ages ago I posted the morning has broken card with the pretty ickle blackbird onnit.


An early idea for the Eat Natural ad campaign, featuring a woman too busy to eat healthily and... along comes an Eat Natural Bar! Fitting into her busy, busy life. MAGIC. This was part of a triptych of adverts featuring busy people with lots of arms. The finished idea is currently in the Gallery section of my webpage. It's got a cow onnit. I was well proud of that cow I was.

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