Stop crying and... have some tea

AVID and ENTHRALLED fans, don't despair.. I have been continuing to work but in this AGE OF AUSTERITY batteries for my camera to photograph big things and post them to my blog are unfortunately NOT at the top of my priorities :'( yes, CRY - WEEP - and BEMOAN the evil people who got us into this mess. ALSO, be very sad that I don't come from a ridiculously wealthy family who don't seem to have any problems in this current climate what with their lawyers and accountants getting them out of paying more and more and more for... seemingly NOTHING except more increases in taxes in return from the government.

Yes, dear fans.. yes. But I'll have something to upload for you soon.. I promise. Things are ticking away in the background as and when I can get round to them.
To stop you crying *too* much- I'll upload something.. here..
See? I drawed that I did. Everything, IT'S OK.

For now, I share with you my great friend Rosa's website. Enjoy, Lovelies, ENJOY!

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