Updates: Progress...

Hello dear readers,

I haven't forgotten you, or that I was meant to update yesterday. Now, I don't have anything finished as such so here is a couple of pieces that are half way through. One is even in colour! Imaginate that, eh?
Specimen A: So here we have a little colourful start to a procedures today. It's just three random objects that I chose for their contrasting colours.
Well anyway, I'm maybe half way through it and I had planned to do some more this evening but I've had such a long day at work that it's almost enough (too much) to have managed to even get a photo of it and put it on here.
So that will have to do for now.

Shocking, yes. Yes, I know you got so excited because the last picture WASN'T A NAKED PERSON. But there you have it, I've reverted back to form AND in black and white too.
Would you credit it? I certainly bloody wouldn't and that's a fact.
In my defence though, this one is from my life drawing class where you pretty much actually can't do anything else except draw the model because that is what you are there for.
I enjoyed this one as it was pure tone and shapes and stuff and no line was allowed to be used. In the same vein as the previous life drawing we had to capture the essence of the pose and keep rubbing out continuously and starting from scratch.
This will be getting developed at next week's class so look out for the conclusion sometime after Wednesday.

That's going to be all from me for now, coz I'm pretty bloody tired.

'Til the next post folks...

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