Painting: Quiet

It feels like an age since I last posted something but it's only been six days...

First off I'd like to introduce you to my great friend Lina's tumblr

Now, I'd like to post the progress of my own works..

First that infamous headless oil lady..
With an extended palate to include proper yellows, blue and red I built on top of the base I had painted the week before.
I used my own brushes this time round too- which gave me more flexibility and diversity and control over the oil (which I still dislike intensely).
One more week and I could have nailed this one but sadly- this is it! No more time.
I realise now that in all the rush to get going I hadn't been able to really map out her body- and I had ended up in an ever so slightly different position than the week before so the focus of the whole painting- her legs.. are off. I've given her an incredibly elongated left thigh. :(
I think I can still give myself a lot of credit though for having a jolly good old bash at this oil thing, despite the disparity and wobbly-ness and anatomical anomalies.

Secondly: Here is a cute cat in a window! I took a few photos of this cat excitedly watching the birds from a window five floors up in a tenement.
He has no chance of ever catching one!
This drawing is a slow burner, but I am pleased that I am starting to be able to draw and paint objects and buildings and incrementally moving away from the figure.
Plus it's great to be able to using a medium I can actually have minute control over sometimes!
Last but not least my David Hockney -esque still life.
I didn't make that comparison myself, but I had been looking around and wondering why my work didn't look like anybody else's. Quite a lot in these classes I hear the tutor or other students comparing each others' work to established artists.
A few people have been commenting on the flatness of my painting.. I am painting that way because I like it. I like these colours and I like the bold, uncompromising statement they make.
I will admit I had to look David Hockney up, I recognised the name but I am terrible at putting names to images - from remembering people's names to remembering all but the most obvious of artists (as in, the ones we have all been familiar with since primary school..). I remembered how much I like him as soon as I saw some of his work- I recognised paintings I've seen and loved and also his latest works, the trees on many canvasses.
Well, in some ways I am pleased that finally somebody has seen something in my painting and likened it to another artist- but also displeased as I'd like to be out there painting in a way that hasn't been done before.

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