Promises, Promises

I talk a lot about rebuilding my website. Seems I never quite get it wrapped up. Thing is, I am not the most digitally inclined.

After spending all day staring at a screen in my money making day soul sucking admin job, scratching my head through Excel, on-line travel booking systems, cross-referencing design protocol sheets, staring down the black and infinate hole that is Cost Coding for Finance........

I get home, and I'm tired. Exhausted. Flat out. Drained. I don't want to sit down at another computer and figure my way through another whole programme to get what I want: an easy way for me to communicate with you lot: "out there".

There has been a lot of upheaval in the past few years too. You know, the life stuff.. people, heartbreak, illness, frustration.. that stuff. The stuff that makes you really question everything deep down.

Who Am I?

What Am I?

Why Am I Doing This?

What Am I Doing?

What Should I Be Doing?

What Do I Want To Do?

How Can I Do That?

There is so much figuring out that needs figured out in this whole life-living business. If you can figure out how to even have the time to take to figure it all out that doesn't involve controlling the space-time continuum on a deep and sub-molecular level, do let me know. (Did I ever tell you about that time I figured out time-travel and it was all to do with mirrors but then I forgot it in the end..?)

But hey! Let's forget all that. I am here, here I am. Typing this out to you, reader.

So: I say "Hello" and present to you my latest achievement. I took that clunking out of date old website down, and I made a new front page of sorts.. I even figured out how to get it up there on the interwebs so you can see it on your computer screen.

I'll show you if you like:

Have a little look. ;)

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