Hello dearest blog-reading people. 

I've been silent for a while on here, it's not unusual. I have now commenced study in Fine Art, specifically Contemporary Art Practice. Part of my course entails writing about other artists, works, exhibitions and talks I have been to. I'm going to add them into this blog. Next up: Martin Creed.

For now here is something silly I've been working on using images from The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, a Fred and Ginger movie from 1939. It is, in fact, the only Fred and Ginger movie with a sad ending. The thing is, although this movie is based on the story of Mr and Mrs Castle a real-life ballroom dancing couple from the early 1900s I don't watch Fred and Ginger movies with the intention of being sad at the end. These movies are my go-to when life seems dull, as they are full of romance, comedy, beauty and wonderful music. I always come to the end of the film thinking I can dance like Astaire and singing the songs for days afterwards. 

The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, 1939

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